Status and Mission

Dear Walkabout Graduates, Family-members, Educators & Friends,

We started the Walkabout Alumni Association with a few goals in mind.  We want to keep you informed of all the important Walkabout news including the future of the program, alumni accomplishments, upcoming events and also, share some of the creative talents of your fellow Walkabouters.  Our quarterly newsletter is how we will get most of this information to you.  So, please make sure you are on the mailing list — especially if you’re an alum — by clicking here!


First, a little about WAA (pronounced “way”) and our friends at WEF.  WAA is the Walkabout Alumni Association.  We’re here to bring alumni together and accomplish the goals described above.  We are a separate and distinct organization from WEF, the Walkabout Education Foundation, whose primary focus is starting the next Walkabout.  WEF is working with educational institutions, community leaders, grant writers, politicians and administrators to get Walkabout 2.0 off the ground.  They’ve made great strides and are hopeful to have the doors open for WABT 2.0 in 2016 or 2017.  All of the fundraising done in the past was for WEF.  If you donated to help the cause, thank you!  Your money is being carefully watched and frugally spent; I assure you.

Walkabout Alumni Association - WAA - The Summit Event

Now that WAA is off and running, we need to raise a modest amount of money to help achieve our goals.  You may not know it, but running an organization like WAA is not free.  We need to pay for web hosting, newsletter distribution, event fees and we’d really like to subsidize the cost of the Alumni Summit moving forward so it is attainable for more of our classmates to participate.  With this in mind, we have an annual fundraising target of $10,000.  If we can hit that number, we’ll be able to bring you quality resources and events at reasonable costs, and continue the stream of online communications.


We’re pushing to reach all of our fellow Walkabout alumni but we currently only have contact information for less than half of them.  If you have already signed up as a graduate of Walkabout, and joined the WAA mailing list, then please send any information you have about other alumni to  If you’re good at tracking people down and want to help, we’re looking for a “Patrol Leader” from each Walkabout class/year to help collect current contact info on all their classmates.  If you’d like to be a Patrol Leader, drop us an email and we’ll get you started.

Annual Events:


We would like to wish many thanks to all the people that made this organization and our mission possible.  It’s a true testament to the Walkabout community that people decades out of school will still gladly volunteer their time and skills for our cause.

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– Walkabout Alumni Association (WAA)

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